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Welcome RoundPoint Customers!

BILLSHARK is the industry leader in bill reduction. We exist to be your advocate – negotiating monthly bills with service providers on your behalf. 

Leveraging vast market intelligence and negotiations know-how, BILLSHARK will chomp on your wireless, internet, home security, and TV providers to save you as much as 25% every month – without changing your service!

BILLSHARK saves you time and hassle, and we usually save you more than you could save on your own. If we can't save you money, there are no fees. No risk, all reward.


With over 50,000 negotiations so far, our sharks have an 85% success rate! We negotiate these bills:



Our fee is 40% of your savings realized. If we save $1,000, our fee is $400. If there are no savings realized, there are no fees.

For every 1 BILL negotiated, we donate 1 HOUR of financial literacy instruction to 

1 CHILD. Our goal is to educate 1 million students by 2025, who will do more than just keep their heads above water. We help prepare them to navigate the world of personal finance and take control of their financial future.

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