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How does it work?

Simple! Send us your bills and we'll negotiate with providers to reduce your rates!

Bank level security means your data is always secure.


Kick back & relax!

We take it from there! We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Upload bills


Upload your cable, TV, internet, mobile, alarm or phone bill (or account login and we'll get it for you) and we'll negotiate with your provider to lower your bill.

Don't worry, no provider or unauthorized plan changes!

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We have an 85% negotiation success rate

with an average savings of 25% per bill!

If we can't save you money, our service is free!


Our fee is 40% of your total savings, capped at 24 months.

You can pay it all at once, or set up a payment plan using Split It ($9 fee) to split your invoice into 2 or 6 payments.

No Risk, All Reward!


If we save you $285, your fee is just $114.

You only pay if we are able to save you money!

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